NUBATOMIC was formed in 2013 when MUS ZOSER ANKH HAT the front man for AMUL9 reached out to numerous celebrated Atlanta musicians to start a new musical project. The road getting to the final line up was hard but worth the wait. NUBATOMIC consists of TWO members from the Atlanta rock band AMUL9. LENWOOD JACKSON switching from his thrashing guitar sounds. LENWOOD JACKSON now is showcasing his bottom heavy groove filled bass guitar rhythms. Vincent jennings the heart of the Rhythm section for AMUL9 is the second member of AMUL9. His exotic rhythms and impeccable timing are the gluons that keep the other protons and nuetrons of the band on beat. The newest addition  to NUBATOMIC is BRIAN CAUSEY, this addition has made it able for NUBATOMIC to push the musical boundaries to a completely new level. His mastery of scales, chords and soul sometimes stops rehearsals and leaves heads shaking.Joshua Allen then came on board to finish this ensemble with his electrifying speed and technical mastery. This tag team makes these two guitar players the most devastating duo seen in years.