What does NUBATOMIC mean???


NUB-Translated in the African Egyptian Language the world “ NBW” or “NUB” is the world for gold. In some cases referring to the “Golden Children” of the land.


Atomic power- nuclear energy

1. The energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion.

2. Nuclear energy regarded as a source of power. Also called atomic energy.
NUBATOMIC is the combination of two words describing the golden children of today manifested and the power that resides in them. With the combination of these two elements you have before you a group of powers consolidated with laser focus to give you an superior brand of music . NUBATOMIC has manifested to provide a level of entertainment that will latch onto your dna. Numerous lyrical writings dealing with Peace, spiritual upliftment, comedy, and an host of other topics related to our collective human experience.